Seaside Escape Mahjong Tile Game DIY Kit 65 blank tiles (for two players)

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Customization Mahjong Set DIY Kit
Pack list:  32 emoji and 32 dog design UV stickers, 65 blank blocks, one drawstring bag


1. **Seaside Escape Mahjong Kit:** Immerse yourself in creativity with our DIY kit, featuring vibrant pattern stickers for a unique touch.

2. **Family and Friends Bonding:** Craft and play with custom Mahjong tiles, creating cherished moments during gatherings.

3. **Ever-Fresh Experience:** Regularly update your game with new Seaside Escape Mahjong pattern stickers for an ever-evolving gaming experience.

4. **Exclusive Personalization:** Elevate your Mahjong set with our customization services, adding your unique style to the Seaside Escape theme.

5. **Trendy on TikTok:** Capture the latest trends by incorporating our kit into TikTok challenges, bringing a modern twist to your social media content.

6. **Effortless Renewal:** Effortlessly refresh your game nights by updating your Mahjong set, ensuring each play is a new Seaside Escape adventure.

Experience the joy of crafting, the delight of shared moments, and the endless possibilities of a personalized Seaside Escape Mahjong game. Enhance your gaming nights with coastal charm!

Estimated delivery dates: Aug 6, 2024 - Aug 13, 2024
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**Creative Journey: DIY Personalized Seaside Escape Mahjong Tile Game Kit**

Embark on a journey of endless possibilities with our exquisite DIY kit, designed to bring a touch of seaside escape to your Mahjong experience. Perfect for bonding with family, children, and friends as you craft unique and personalized Mahjong tiles together.

**Joyful Crafting Process:**

Our kit includes a vibrant array of pattern stickers, allowing you to effortlessly transform Mahjong tiles into one-of-a-kind works of art. Gather around, create each tile with love, and savor the joy of crafting while making precious memories with your loved ones.

**Enduring Enjoyment:**

But that’s not all – regularly order novel pattern stickers to easily refresh the design, giving your Mahjong game a rejuvenated look. Every change is a new game, blending laughter and challenge, making every moment spent with family and friends truly special.

**Unique Personalization:**

For those seeking a truly unique Mahjong game, we offer customization services. Contact us to turn your creativity into reality, customize exclusive patterns, and create a globally distinctive Mahjong game that reflects your unique personality.

**Crafting Laughter for Every Moment – Seaside Escape Mahjong, the Ultimate DIY Kit for Tile Game Enthusiasts! Perfect for TikTok Challenges.**

Pack list:  32 emoji and 32 dog design UV stickers, 65 blank blocks, one drawstring bag

If you want to use other pictures to customize DIY set, please choose “use my own design” option to place order and email [email protected] with your order number in the subject line.


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Tile Size

22mm, 34mm, 40mm, 44mm


Emojis vs Dogs, Use my own design


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